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Our Triple Scale Hydrometer is our most popular one and can be used for both wine and beer.

This hydrometer allows you to keep track of your fermentation& progress and determine the finished product & alcohol content by taking readings before and after fermentation and comparing them. This triple scale hydrometer also allows you to verify when your batch is ready to bottle by showing you the specific gravity.

A hydrometer cannot read the actual alcohol content of wine or beer that has finished fermenting. it can only be used to calculate 'potential alcohol" by reading the sugar content.


The hydrometer has a long glass section containing the calibrated scale and it is weighted at the bottom, (with a bulbous lower end) so that it will float upright in a liquid.  The scale of figures on the hydrometer appears to be ‘upside down’ the smallest being at the top and the largest at the bottom.  

To read the hydrometer you can either float it in some decanted liquid in a tall test jar or cylinder. 

Always spin the hydrometer after placing it in the liquid to remove any air or gas bubbles clinging to the glass which will give an inaccurate reading. 

Steady the hydrometer and take your reading immediately it stops bobbing as all hydrometers will slowly rise up. 

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