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This press has a tilting frame that provides convenient access to the basket for filling it with crushed fruit. To tilt the frame, it is necessary to unscrew its fastenings. After that put a filter bag inside of the press basket and fill it with crushed fruit. The filter bag will hold the crushed fruit inside of the basket and filters the juice from the pulp. When filter bag is used while pressing, there is no need to filter the juice afterwards. When the filter bag is filled, the edges of the bag are turned on top of each other so that they overlap and do not let the crushed mass to come out from the bag.

To start pressing, the frame fastenings need to be tightened again. After that the press handles need to be rotated until the press comes in contact with the filter bag inside of the basket. The pressure of the press should be raised slowly with the handle of the press rotated slowly and not immediately at full speed. Otherwise the juice can not flow out from the pulp and the juice yield from the mass will be lower.

The groove below the basket of the press is made of stainless steel and it collects all the juice that flows out from the crushed fruit. It is necessary to place a collecting vessel or a bucket underneath the groove, where the juice is collected in the end of the pressing process.

We recommend that you disassemble the press after the use and rinse it with water from the hose.

Baesso presses are traditional hand-operated cylindrical presses.  Presses are produced by a company with centenary history; that means experience and skills handed down through many generations. This type of press with its long-lasting history is very popular among customers.

This model features a 25 x 40 cm stainless steel basket and an enamel coated frame.

The principle of operation is very easy. It is needed to fill the press’s cage with crushed apples or pears. The pressing plate exerts pressure on the fruit mass and the juice leaks from the cage to the tray and from the tray to the collection vessel.

Presses are produced of high-quality materials: the cage, the pressing plate and removable tray are constructed in stainless steel.

We offer you three different sizes of Baesso T bar presses. We hope you find suitable one!

The main advantages of our presses are:

-    robust and easy-to-use

-    inclinable frame for easy access

-    one pressing with cleaning takes about 15 minutes

-    high juice yield - up to 60 per cent

-    easy-to-clean and compact

-    no electricity is needed

-    safe and secure

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