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Experience a flavourful adventure of tantalising delicious Australian Natives mixed with some exquisite superfoods that will not only bring your taste buds to life but your gut will thrive with our speciality blend of black and green tea freeze dried kombucha and micro encapsulated probiotics that will travel down and make it safely to where it should be, to do their job.

    • Australian Native’s: Lemon Aspen and Lemon Myrtle

    • Added Prebiotics and herbs to rev up digestion and feed your good bacteria

    • Superfoods: Ginger, Australian Lemon Aspen, Tumeric Extract, black pepper

    • Prebiotics (Inulin & F.O.S), Australian Green Banana Starch & Acacia Fibre) that feed the good bacteria to allow them to grow

    • Acid and bile tolerance tested – to ensure quality probiotics that can pass through the harsh environment in the stomach

    • 2 Billion CFU probiotics per serve – measured to ensure you are getting a good amount in each serve

    • Apple cider vinegar containing “the mother” – supports digestive function

    • Colour – Vibrant yellow/orange

    • 25 Drinks

How to Use

Mix 1tsp with 200ml water or sparkling water

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