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Maltodextrin (Corn Syrup) is common, natural ingredient used to increase body and mouth feel in beer.  Provides beers with more body and head. Used to thicken and to add creaminess. Comprises 70% non-fermentable material. A normal level of use is 150g per brew. Does not add significantly to the alcohol %.

Enhance the quality of your home-brewed beers with our Maltodextrin 20 - Corn Syrup Powder. Specially formulated for beer brewing, this powder, derived from corn syrup, offers a multitude of benefits without altering the flavour or increasing sweetness. It adds body to your brew, aids in head retention, and seamlessly dissolves into a clear liquid. With a recommended dosage range for different beer styles and a high-grade DE rating of 18-20, our Maltodextrin 20 - Corn Syrup Powder is the secret ingredient for achieving professional results in your beer brewing endeavours.

Maltodextrin 20 - Corn Syrup Powder acts as a body enhancer, lending a full and satisfying mouthfeel to your beers. It creates a rich and rounded texture, improving the overall sensory experience. Additionally, it assists with head retention, ensuring that the foam on your beer remains intact for longer periods, enhancing both the appearance and aroma.
Despite its "Corn Syrup" name, don't be misled, as our Maltodextrin 20 - Corn Syrup Powder is in fact a powder that dissolves seamlessly into a clear liquid during the brewing process. This ensures that it integrates smoothly into your brew without altering the flavour or introducing additional sweetness, allowing the true character of your beer to shine through.
For lagers, we recommend a dosage of 200-300 grams per brew, providing a balanced enhancement to the body and head retention. For ales and stouts, a slightly higher dosage range of 300-500 grams per brew can be employed, offering a fuller and more robust texture.
Our Maltodextrin 20 - Corn Syrup Powder boasts a high-grade DE rating of 18-20, indicating its high purity and quality. This ensures that you're working with a top-tier ingredient that meets the demands of discerning brewers who strive for excellence in their craft.

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