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Top-quality and stable pH buffer used for pH probe calibration and quality control checks throughout pH analysis.

The ideal pH range for a nutrient solution is typically between 5.8 and 6.5. A pH value above or below this range can increase the likelihood of some nutrients becoming unavailable to the plant.

Some electronic meters require a "two-point" calibration, making pH Buffer 4 an important step as the lower calibration point in the two-point calibration process. This solution will ensure that meters accurately reflect the true reading at the lower end of the range.

Available in 100 and 500ml bottles, and special order of a 20lt drum on request.

The pH of juice or wine is important to know as it plays a critical role in many aspects of winemaking, in particular wine stability.

Buffer solutions should be stored at 25C and away from direct sunlight for accurate readings.

How to use:

  • Pour some of the solution into a clean container, enough to cover the probe.
  • Clean and sanitize the pH probe
  • Insert the probe to the solution
  • For Auto calibration meters, just press the pH4 button on your meter.
  • For manual calibration meters, you will need to manually adjust the pH reading to 4.
  • Please check your pH meter manual for more information on how to calibrate your meter.

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