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These variable capacity Stainless Steel tanks are manufactured in 304 stainless steel in Italy. Excellent for fermenting and storing your wine. This equipment is used for many hobby producers and wineries over the world.

Each tank includes the lid kit which allows sealing the tank reducing the contact with air for the liquids inside. If you dealing with different quantities of wine the inflatable floating lid provides a great solution by allowing you to fix the lid at any level.
Stands and extra fitting are available to be purchased separately.
* 304 Grade stainless steel construction
* Flat base
* Variable capacity lid kit

If you are looking for an Italian made stainless tank which not only is a solution to manage diverse quantities of wine but also made your job easier then look no further.

  • Variable capacity lids (also known as a Floating Lid) allow for variable size batches of wine.
  • Lid Kit includes Lid, Airlock, Hand pump, Inflatable seal, Rop, Hose, clamp.
  • AISI 304 stainless steel construction
  • One stainless steel female pipe thread (FPT) collar for attaching the included chrome spigot
  • The wide-open design facilitated the clean process

Keep in mind extra products that you can purchase separately to improve your production process:

  • Pedestal Stand: Allows the tank to be elevated off the ground to assist in cleaning around the area and greater protection of the vessel and valve.
  • Airlock extension: provides a more solid connection between the lid and airlock preventing the risk of oxidation as aged airlock has been known to break
  • Floating lid oil system for wine: Dispensing your finished wine out of the tank can be possible with an oil lid. Only use paraffin oil.
  • Dust lid: Prevent dust and bacteria from developing on the inflatable seal with could contaminate off flavors in your wine.
  • Extra inflatable seal: Always is handy to have a spare inflatable seal for your tank. The seal can break at any time.
  • Upgrade your tank material to S/S 316: For high acidity beverages (low PH) and salty products you will require a more anti-corrosive material than S/S 304

Find in the table below a guide for the measurements for these tanks:

304 Stainless Steel Tanks Dimentions

*** Noted that these measurements might vary from the factory without notice ***

Keep in mind that in most cases the outside diameter of the tanks is 3 to 5 cm bigger than the internal diameter. And the size of the lid is 2 to 3 cm smaller than the internal diameter.
For multiple tanks and different sizes purchasing, we might be able to neast the tanks to reduce shipping costs.

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