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Lumber Jack smoking wood pellets are the most common and highest quality BBQ pellets in the United States, designed for Pellet Grills. Lumber Jack wood pellets bags are distributed across Australia by us, and we're proud of it.
Blend of Hickory Lumber Jack pellets go well with beef, pork, poultry, and game birds. The blend consists of 60% Red Oak and 40% Hickory, resulting in a perfectly balanced smoke flavour.

“The highest quality BBQ Pellets available”
Why is Lumber Jack so well-known?
It's that easy! The Metabolites or cambium layer of a growing tree determines the flavour of the tree. This ensures that all BBQ pellets made from leftover sawdust are mostly made up of the central kiln dried wood.

For example, sawdust from a hickory furniture or hammer handle factory is flavourless or has very little carryover from cambium layer growth. For the same reason, when the old timers smoked meat and fish, they did not remove the bark from the wood they gathered.
We are a round log farm, which means we harvest real trees and chip them up into green chips with plenty of flavour to make our BBQ pellets.
Don’t get confused
When we say we de-bark the red oak base material in our blends, we mean exactly what we say. We leave the bark on the primary wood but extract it from the oak wood when we produce because the smoke taste you're looking for and expecting is in the bark.
We do this so that the primary wood, such as Hickory in the Hickory blend or Apple in the Apple blend, can express its full rich flavour. As a result, we can have the most intense flavour in our blends! Blends often produce less ash when burned because they contain less bark than our 100% varieties, which are not debarked and therefore produce a more strong and intense taste.

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