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Red X is a very popular grain base malt that is used to produce amazing red and red-coloured beers (ales, wheat beers, dark beers with a red tinge and many others), thanks to its particular hues. It can be used by itself in the grain bill, thanks to its great reliability and processability. To retain the red color in stronger beers, some brewers also add Pilsen Malt to the grain bill due to the higher wort gravity.
It is designed for a 12°P beer.
EBC value: 28-32
Min buy: 1kg (10 x 100g units)

Red X Malt is also very popular to produce whisky: it creates an intense colour and exceptional fruity and sherry flavours.
Base Malts make up the largest proportion of grain in your beer and must be mashed. They generally have high diastatic power, meaning a high sugar conversion rate. They are often named according to the beer style they lend themselves to or the area in which they are famously from.

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