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Misty Gully Kosher salt is an authentic style Koshering salt used in gourmet cooking and in curing meats. Its larger sized, almost rectangular crystals are ideal for use in the typical curing process, removing surface moisture and blood from meat, and for easy sprinkling over cooking. Long favoured by world class chefs for its ease of use, pureness and ability to bring out the natural flavours of ingredients, Misty Gully is proud to deliver an Authentic styly, premium koshering salt for use at home. Misty Gully Kosher Salt is also certified as Kosher for religious purposes.

Kosher salt is a coarse edible salt that is commonly used in kitchens, without common additives such as iodine. This type of salt was commonly used in the koshering process of removing blood from meat, in accordance with Jewish dietary laws, and the name stuck. It is made up of coarse particles, quite different to the small uniform cubes of table salt. The kosher salt flakes have great absorption and hence cling to the surface of the meat, and are more effective at drawing out moisture.

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