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It is time to take your love for sausage-making to the next level. Create professional and tasty sausages in an easy and efficient manner with Italy’s FLB sausage stuffers. FLB makes only horizontal sausage fillers as they are more sturdy and easy-to-clean. Choose from 3kg, 5kg, 7.5kg and 10kg machines, based on your need. The sausage filler comes with an ergonomic handle and four different sized, high-quality plastic funnels. The small machines are suitable for a home sausage-maker while the large ones would be perfect for a bistro or butcher shop. Stainless steel has a unique ability to be resistant to corrosion, heat damage and chemical damage, making it ideal for the kitchen environment. Designed for durability and convenience, FLB’s incredible sausage fillers are an investment you will not regret.

With years of expertise and a great understanding of the meat-equipment industry, Italy’s top brand, Fabio Leonardi has created some of the best, top-of-the-shelf sausage fillers. Making sausages can be a time-consuming process. But with first-class FLB sausage stuffers this process can now be an easy, efficient and enjoyable task. FLB sausage stuffers come in four sizes – 3kg, 5kg, 7.5kg and 10kgs. Based on your necessity, you can choose from FLB’s wide range. All machines are easy to clean, occupy very little space and will definitely spice up your culinary world.

The FLB Sausage Filler is made from stainless steel and comes with two filling speeds. The filler also comes with four funnels, two clamps and a handle. The four funnels are of different sizes to help you create multiple-sized sausages. The two clamps can be used to fasten the machine to a table top before starting the sausage-making process. The simple and robust design makes the FLB sausage filler a classy and ideal for the home sausage maker or small restaurateur wanting to offer a gourmet sausage.

Making sausages at home is a challenge if you do not have the right equipment. FLB’s Sausage Fillers or Stuffers are the best utensils in the market to help you make exceptional, professional sausages in no time.

What sets the FLB sausage stuffers apart:

  • High-quality stainless-steel sausage funnel
  • Two surface clamps for safety
  • Easy to use removable handle
  • Safe for every kitchen, no electricity required
  • Piston and gears are easily accessible for greasing/de-greasing
  • Two adjustable speeds of cranking for optimum sausage production
  • Stuffing piston has practical rubber disc topper with cork and pin to regulate amount of air in sausage
  • All components are removable and washable
  • Made from stainless steel and mount aluminium reduction gear casing with polycarbonate bushes and galvanized steel gears
  • Spring loaded pressure release valve on plunger to release air build up with easy removal via brass clevis pin for hygienic usage and washing


How to make gourmet sausages at home using the FLB sausage filler in 5 easy steps:

1. Ensure the casings are cleaned before the stuffing process starts. If you're aiming to use natural casing, you need to check that that the casing is clean. Soak it in salt brine so as to forestall it from getting tough. For manmade casings, check that that the case is clean and is prepared for stuffing.

2. Next, place the casing in a bowl of warm water to keep it lubricated. This will make it easier once you place the casing in the stuffing horn. Choose a stuffing horn based on the diameter and thickness of your casing.

3. Get the end of your casing and place its mouth in the stuffing horn. Don't forget to keep the casing wet throughout the stuffing method. Start stuffing the meat into the casing. You can regulate the quantity of meat that is stuffed within the casing to attain however tightly you wish to pack the sausage. To manage the meat flow, place your thumb on the horn. By increasing and decreasing the pressure of your finger on the horn, you will easily be able to regulate the flow of the meat.

4. Stuffing the sausage too tightly can cause the case to burst. However, a loosely packed sausage may simply break the casing. When stuffing the casing, you need to tie the ends of the sausage, and then start to stuff another batch. You can make sausage links by twisting the sausage in every interval.

5. Suspend the sausage and let it dry for one or two of hours. Hanging dries the newly stuffed sausage and lets the flavours to develop.


About Fabio Leonardi (FLB):

Fabio Leonardi made the first tomato crusher in 1917. For over 80 years similar such hands-on, cost-effective, safe and robust food equipment has been distributed not just in Italy but all over the world. The outstanding models now produced by Leonardi are the results of a perfect marriage between long tradition and constant evolution of design. All the FLB machines are devised to be sturdy, functional and durable. In the Leonardi production there are also meat-grinders for small and medium quantities, sacker machines, kneading machines and other accessories all connectable to the motors made by Fabio Leonardi.

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