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Surprise your family with professional-looking, home-made sausages and take your passion for sausage-making to the next level with Equip-Pro's sausage fillers. Equip-Pro produces a wide range of robust sausage fillers in 4kg, 6kg and 8kgs. These fillers are equipped with a series of four filling funnels of different dimensions for every type of sausage.

You can now make both fresh and cured sausages at the comfort of your home.

Making sausages can be a time-consuming process. But with Equip-Pro’s efficient and durable Sausage Fillers you can now make perfect sausages in three easy steps – insert, affix and crank. Insert the desired amount of sausage into the funnel, affix the handle and crank it. Don’t forget to fix a funnel and casing of your choice before you start. Flawless, ready-to-consume sausages will come out of the sturdy machine in a jiffy. The sausage-filler comes in three sizes – 4kg, 6kg and 8kgs and in horizontal and vertical shapes. Depending on your requirement, choose a size that is ideal for your kitchen. All the components are removable and washable.

The Equip-Pro Sausage Filler is made from stainless steel and comes with two filling speeds. The filler also comes with four funnels, two clamps and a handle. The four funnels are of different sizes to help you create multiple-sized sausages. The two clamps can be used to fasten the machine to a table top before starting the sausage-making process. The stylish yet handy design makes the Equip-Pro sausage filler ideal for the home sausage maker or small restaurateur wanting to offer a gourmet sausage.

Here's what makes Equip-Pro's Sausage Filler unique:

  • Four interchangeable filling funnels 
  • Two surface clamps for sturdy support 
  • Stainless Steel body 
  • Stable horizontal-filler 
  • Two speed manual shafts 
  • Two gears - slow one for filling and a fast one for rapid retraction of the plunger for re-loading 
  • Pistons and gears are easily accessible for greasing/de-greasing 
  • Ideal for natural and collagen sausage casings
  • Lubricate the rods and gears of sausage stuffer to ensure long life

With all these great features and an affordable price-tag, the Equip-Pro Sausage Filler is a perfect fit to every kitchen counter.

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