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The EquipPro Stainless Steel Manual Meat Mixer Heavy Dutty Version 2 is one of the best value units on the meat processing market. It's a robust welded tub with 5  adjustable mixing paddles and a handy tipping mechanism.

In version 2 the paddles have been improved so each is 5 mm thick. The standard mixing unit is approx. 25L  and has a capacity to load up to 15-20 Kg of meat into the tub.
This unit will make blending your sausage meat, spices, meats and fats quick and easy. Simply place your meat and desired ingredients inside the hopper, close the sturdy lid and begin cranking the handle. This requires much less effort by the operator to remove the meat once mixed to your desired consistency. (Eg. 8-12 mins manually and 5-7 mins if electric operation) which is the near equivalent of manual mixing in a crate for 30-50 mins by hand!  Which many would agree is one of the more exhausting processes, yet essential to ensure the well-blended meat will produce a salami with improved texture and mouthfeel when finally cured and sliced.

The mixer frame comes with 4 pre-drilled holes to assist unit being mounted to our optional base workstation, trolley or a solid block of timber etc. Being able to tip the tub 90 degrees level to the table surface makes it much easier to clean and free rinse sanitise. Simply flush with hot water and degreasing powder and tip into the low-level plastic crate.
    • 10 – 20kg Capacity
    • 40cm x 28cm x 35cm Dimensions
    • Manual operation
    • Stainless Steel
    • Paddles thickness 5 mm
The additional Spare parts can be sold separately. Equip Pro Plastic Spaces, Nylon Bush & Workstation Spare part.

Keep in mind that you can purchase additional accessories for your mixer. The Driveshaft, Motor and Bench frame featuring are sold separately.
    • Base workstation frame (Made in Australia)
      Designed with 3 sets of pre-welded thread nuts to locate and mount the Italian Fabio Leonardi 1.0 – 1.5 HP gearbox motors (MR9, MR7 or MR6) with 4 simples/steel bolts. Depending on the motor model some extra holes will need to be the drill. Our suggestion only would be the more hygienic MR7 motor cover unit to installs with least effort. 
    • Connecting drive shaft and motor drive bush
      Suitable for only the FLB- gear box design ( Featuring a chromed mild steel shaft  connecting with the FLB metal male drive gear)The shaft could be welded to suit other motor types, but without a suitable drive bush would not make it cost effective to product just 1 customised bush.  In this case, we consider you purchase the MR7 motor. Alternatively, as cheaper to purchase with the TC mincer 22, sell your old mincer and get this combined dry grease gear box motor which is quiet, powerful and with much more attachments that will last you many years to come.
    • Connecting your motor with an inline control start/stop pedal 10A single phase
      A reasonable solution to provide more safety with this operation, where by if someone gets curious to open the lid during operation (Definitely avoid and warn all operators not to do!) then you can quickly remove your foot off the pedal in a second to stop the moving auger causing any harm to others.  (Its also a handy controller to have, if you choose to use your electric mincer and simple funnel as a sausage casing filler!) much more control than fumbling for the power switch before casings burst!!!  (YES, just buy a piston filler !)

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