Explaining the differences between the still spirits bases


If you could choose to experiment different flavours in your spirits, that brings sensations beyond your traditional spirits, wouldn’t you, do it? But do you know what makes the big difference in these spirits? The answer is Still spirit bases.

Still Spirits bases are used to create a sweetness in your liqueur drink and gives you the right spirit flavour of choice for the spirit. Keep reading to discover this world and the recommended base for each flavour.

Easy making spirits in 3 steps
Thanks to essence bottles, you can make alcohol in no time. To make any still spir- its alcohol, follow these steps:

The Still Spirits Bases
When it comes to make your alcohol, the main ingredients would be still spirit bases because it would create the actual flavour for your liqueur drink.

Each flavour must have been combined with the recommended liqueur base.

First, we start with the obvious one: Liqueur Base A which comes in a 220 g pouch. Liqueur Base A gives you the ideal finished thickness and sweetness to liqueurs.

Liqueur Base B is similar to Base A giving you that finished smooth texture to your drink and sweetness to liqueurs. It comes in a 260 g pouch. The difference between Bases A and B is the quantity in the packet. The composition is the same, but one contains more to impart different levels of sweetness.

Both bases A & B are intended to make the same 1.125 L volume of alcohol, Base B is designed to make a sweeter liqueur drink than Base A making the final ABV content on B is lower than A.

  1. Add the alcohol indicated on your essences bottle in a large mixing bowl or jars.
  2. Slowly add your base pack while stirring with a whisk.
  3. Now add your favourite essence and top it up with water.

Once you add the water, you can transfer the contents from the bowl to a Spirit bottle giving it a nice look and share it with your friends and family.

Liqueur bases
The best way to know which base is best for your liquor is to see the individual essence bottle notes, which will give you an idea of what base to use with it.

Liqueur Base C comes in an even bigger pouch of 320 g. Base C will make the sweetest Liqueur with a lower final ABV.

Schnapps Base is ideally designed to add to any schnapps Liqueur Essences giving the ideal finished thickness and sweetness to your spirits.

Cream Base comes in a 400 g pouch. It is often taught to be difficult to mix. It is designed to add to cream liqueur essences to make 1.125L of spirit. In a mixing jug, add 200ml of hot water and 200ml of filtered alcohol or vodka at 40% ABV.

Add your cream base and whist vigorously until the base dissolves completely with water and alcohol. Pour the contents in a spirit bottle (750ml) and add your Top Shelf Cream liqueur essences. Shake until dissolved and top it up with vodka or filtered alcohol at 40% ABV.

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