How to make our Artisan's Bottega Kombucha

Have you ever heard of Kombucha? Or the list of benefits of it? Is it a wine? or a tea? Well it’s simple as this: Kombucha is a type of tea that has been fermented. This makes it a good source of probiotics, which have many health benefits. Here’s our top 10 health benefits of kombucha:
  • It is a potential source of Probiotics
  • May help boost metabolism • Contains antioxidants
  • May reduce inflammation
  • May play a role in helping prevent cancer
  • May help strengthen the immune system
  • May boost cardiovascular health
  • May promote liver health
  • Help maintain healthy weight
  • May play a role in lowering blood sugar
There’s limited research confirming the health benefits of kombucha. But the drink has increased in popularity. Although it is popular, kombucha isn’t for everyone. If you’re pregnant, take medication, or have an existing medical condition, talk to your doctor to make sure kombucha is safe for you. What’s in our Homemade Kombucha? What you’ll need, as simple as this:
  • 5-6 Tea Bags
  • 4lts pure water, purified rain or spring.
  • 150g white sugar (if you want to soften the flavor add dextrose instead)
  • 250 ml / 1cup of Kombucha Tea (mother tea)
How is it made? Don’t rush and just take a break!
  1. Boil the water in a stainless-steel pressure cooker, add the sugar and stir until completely dissolved, don’t forget to turn off the heat. Soak all the bags in the hot water for about 10-15mins.
  2. Let it cool, then add the cup of “Mother Tea”. Cover it and leave for one week in a cool place.
  3. We like placing it in glass because it’s best to control the flavor. Glass gives us the purest flavor of tea. (It's important to check it after 4 days, if the temperature is high it will ferment quicker and if left too long it will go vinegary).
If you make this recipe don't forget to tag us on our socials @artisans.bottega Let us know what you think of it! We love getting in touch with our family of artisans! IMPORTANT: NO METAL TO MAKE CONTACT WITH THE TEA. Because of the acidic composition, and long fermentation, kombucha will leach toxins from its container (metal or plastic). You avoid this with glass and lead free, ceramic fermenters. Sources:

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