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Delta K20 Fixed Grape Destemmer Grill & Must Pump


For the serious home winemaker or a very small winery, this machine represents an amazing value. It is gentle, easy to load, and pumps the grapes into your awaiting fermenter, eliminating the need for a separate must pump.

Here is how it works. You put fruit in the top bin and the screw feed moves the fruit to the left where it drops down into the destemming chamber. The fruit is destemmed and grapes drop down through the grate to the next level. Stems are ejected out the end of the destemming chamber and onto a tarp on the ground. After the fruit drops through the destemming chamber it falls into a bin at the bottom of the machine that has a screw feed. The screw feed pushes the grapes to the right where they are pushed into a circular chamber. In the circular chamber, a paddle wheel, pushes grapes back out the exit tube you attach, and into the awaiting fermenters.

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We recommend this machine for small wineries or larger home producers who do not wish to make the considerable jump to truly commercial quality equipment. You can make very, very good wine with this machine and we often tell small winery owners that the money saved can be used more effectively in other ways to make great wine. 

Summary of Features:

1) Stainless Body, Bin, Agitator, and Screw Feed
2) Removable stainless basket for easy cleaning 
3) A Screw Feed for continual, faster, hands-free operation
4) Rubber tipped destemming bar for softer processing
5) Output of 1.5 – 2 ton /per hour
6) Paddlewheel style Must pump built-in 
7) A powerful Single Phase 220V 2 HP motor 
8) High-quality units made in Italy
9) Two casters allow for easy wheel-barrow type movement
10) Emergency stop button

Approx. dimensions hiehg 92, wide 62 and lenght 108

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Weight 351.00 kg
Dimensions 120.00 × 90.00 × 110.00 cm
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Delta K20 Fixed Grape Destemmer Grill & Must Pump


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