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Slayer Slicer Blade – 195mm Smallgoods edge


These are the replacement blades for your Essedue meat and deli electric food slicer. With a variety of different blades to suit any purpose.

Standard blades are good for ham and cured meat slicing to produce thin slices without shredding. These are razor-sharp blades.

The serrated blades with many sharp teeth designed for cutting hard-crusted bread and more fibrous foods, this serrated blade slices through tough cuts of meat and thick cheese with the greatest of ease.

Also available in a wide variety of sizes when available.

Earn up to 730 Points.

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These blades are to suit Essedue meat and deli slicers, they come in a variety of different finishes and sizes when available.

They come in 195mm, 220mm, 250mm, 300mm and 350mm sizes and either serrated or standard finishes when available.


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Weight 1.77 kg
Dimensions 35 × 35 × 5 cm
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Slayer Slicer Blade – 195mm Smallgoods edge

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