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Equip-Pro Filler Part: No. 5 S/S Screw 6mm x 40mm Retains Piston Plate on Sausage Filler


Equip-Pro Sausage Filler Part No.17 – Bench Clamp


Equip-pro Sausage Fillers Part No.16 Handle S/Steel


Equip-Pro Spare Plastic Sausage Funnels


Equip-Pro Spare Stainless Steel Sausage Funnels


FLB Spare Funnels for Sausage Filler


Food Grade Silicone Grease 28 g (Haynes- NSF Approved)


Mincer Stabiliser Clamp For Funnel


pare Part No.12 Metal Gear Cog Large to Suit Equip-Pro Large Wheel Fast Speed 8cm Diam


Part No.10 Gear Base no gears to Suit Equip-Pro Sausage Filler 18cm x 14cm


Pricker Tool for Salami with Safety Cap


Prosciutto Carving Vice with Stainless Steel Clamp on Wood Base


Sausage Funnel No 5 Mincer Nozzle


Simes Hand Clipper/Crimping Tool


Tank Part No.3 Plastic Handle Top of Piston to Suit Equip-Pro Fillers 4cm Height 15.5cm Length


Tre Spade Spare Set of Funnels for Sausage Filler 4 Piece – 35mm. 25mm. 20mm and 10