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BBQ Gas Burner Black OMAC


Gas Ball valve 15mm F&F w/ lever


Gas Brass Valve to Suit Gas Burner DRAGO and Mammuth Models (1/4inch Male Out)


Gas Burner Frame only 55 x55cm


Gas Burner Only -23 Jet Wok style- NG -Natural Gas


Gas Burner Only -23 Jets Wok style- LPG only


Gas Burner Steel Frame- Painted


Gas Manifold Alloy with Port valves MFL threaded


Gas Regulator Adjustable higher pressure with 6ft (180cm) beige hose


Gas Regulator LPG High Pressure valve with hose


Gas Regulator LPG High Pressure Valve


Gas Regulator POL 1200mm Hose BSPF 1/4


Gas Regulator POL only LPG – Outlet 3/8 19PT


Gas Regulator S/Steel Hose-1500mm x 10mm


Jet Gas Burner Kit – LPG


LPG 2 Ring gas burner on Cast Twin frame


LPG Gas Burner 1 Ring Small Cast for LPG with Frame


LPG Gas Burner 4 Ring with heavy duty red Frame.


LPG Gas Burner Ring Only


OMAC Drago BBQ Orange Gas Burner 1 Ring


OMAC Drago small BBQ S/Steel Gas Burner 1 Ring


Pot Mixing Brew Paddle 90cm – 40cm x 8cm Flat Face – Bored


Stainless Steel Gas Burner 1 Ring