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Baesso Electric Apple Crusher Mill


Crusher Apple Electric S/S Cylinder Slicer 800kg / hr 1.5hp – Beasso


Crusher Apple S/S Manual – with Plastic rollers &S/Steel claw -By Grifo / Lore Italy


Crusher Apple S/S Manual Medium 50cm x 75cm – Beasso


Crusher Apple Support Stand Red – Beasso


Crusher Destem Guard Kit Suit Baesso BE Finish


Crusher Destemmer Baesso Destemming Screen S/S with Standard Holes


Crusher Destemmer Baesso Motor Plate to Mount 1Hp Motor – 25cm x 20cm


Crusher Destemmer Electric By-F.Baesso (**Special Price- Collection Western Australia +shipping)


Crusher Destemmer Roller Support Bush Composite suit 18mm Shaft – Baesso


Crusher Destemmer S/S Electric 1hp – 80kg Feeder Auger Hopper Nylon Rollers – Grifo


Crusher Destemmer Support Stand White – Beasso


Crusher for Grapes BE Painted Manual 2 gear- Baby hopper 45 x 55cm


Crusher Grape Manual Hopper 55 x 80cm – Grifo


Crusher Grape S/S Manual Plastic Roller – Lore


Destemmer Grifo upgrade to -electric motor 1hp Package


Destemmer Screen S/S- Small 20mm Holes


Electric Basket Press VOR 50 Apple Crusher Combination 2.2kw – Green Frame


Electric Stainless Steel Crusher Destemmer Rubber Rollers


F.Baesso Electric Crusher Apple S/Steel extension Hopper included 42x 36 x 32cm , Claw Roller -No Agitator.


Grifo Electric Stainless Steel Apple Crusher – Large


Grifo Electric Stainless Steel Apple Crusher – Small


Grifo Manual Crusher (400-600Kg / Hr)


Manual Grape Crusher with Stainless Steel Hopper


Manual Grape Crusher Destemmer


Manual Grape Crusher Painted Hopper


Painted BE Crusher Destemmer Electric with Rubber Rollers


Press T-BAR Manual Fruit Press #15 Wood Basket 15cm x 25cm


Press T-BAR Manual Fruit Press #20 BE Frame with S/S Rolled Basket – Baesso


Press T-BAR Manual Fruit Press #25 S/S Basket 25cm x 40cm – Baesso