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56lt Insulated Mash Tun Drum with Stainless Ball Valve and False Bottom


Adaptor Hex Nipple Male S/S 19mm BSP to Male 25mm BSP – TEM Mori


Airlock extension Machined Coupling Fitting S/Steel for Tank Lid – ID32mm


Auger Support Bush Composite Material Suit 18mm Shaft


Ball Lock Post with 1/4 Inch BSP Bulkhead Assembly


Ball Valve Nickel Plated 1 Algor 25mm BSP Male Inlet to 1 25mm Din Male Outlet


Ball Valve Nickle Plate 25mm BSP Male -Male 25mm


Ball Valve S/S 1 (25mm) Algor BSP Male Inlet to 1 (25mm) Din Male Outlet with P


Ball valve S/Steel 1/2 inch BSP (12mm) assembly for keg draining- inc nut. (female outlet)


Bottle Basket Plastic Holds 6 Bottles – Red


Brass Fitting Valve Reducer Male BSP 19mm (3-4) to Male BSP 12mm


Brass Tap For Barrel 11-13mm Opening


Brush Diam 8mm x 90mm for beer line


Bush full Socket S/S 316


Bush Stainless Steel F 1.25 inch BSP A316


Bush Stainless Steel F 1.25 inch BSP Taper A316


Bush Stainless Steel F 1.5 inch BSP Taper A316


Butterfly Valve 25mm BSP Male Inlet to 25mm BSM Male Outlet – ALGOR Metal Handl


Clamp for Triclover Ferrule- S/Steel


Cleaning ball for tubing Ø 10mm


Compression fitting S/Steel 12.7 mm to 0.5 inch BSP male for Cooling coil


Copper saddles 100 g for Condensor T500


Coupler Seal Flat 5/8 inch EDPM (10 Pack)


Decanter Excalibur- Solid glass whiskey flask with stopper


Distilled Water 15Lt for Laboratory Use


Extension Airlock S/Steel for tank Lid with 5pc


Fermzilla transfer silicone pipe 80cm with S/Steel ball float


Fitting adapter s/steel- Female 0.75 BSP to Triclover 2 inch.


Fitting S/Steel Tee equal female 0.5mm BSP


Gas Regulator Part- Flat nylon seal washer