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Tank 304 Flat Base with Sump


This is a perfect stainless steel tank for wine, beer or olive oil storage. Flat Base Stainless Steel tank with sump. Made by Algor in Italy.


  • Stainless steel construction
  • Sump in base
  • Variable capacity lid kit
  • Fat bottom and Sump
  • Valve
  • Floating Lid Kit
  • Earn up to 3,180 Points.

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    This stainless steel Tank is ideal for storing your wine during the maturation process or as a dispensing vessel.

    This particular model has a Flat Base with Sump drain base. Which mean you will have 2 valves one for dispensing your wine and the other for cleaning proposes.

    The floating lid kit will allow you to adjust the level as the quantity of wine varies. And the pedestal stand will give you comfort as you using your tank as well as prevent the heavy lifting.

    Wine isn’t just a beverage. It’s an experience. For many, that experience begins the moment the bottle is corked. For you, the journey starts long before that. Without the right wine tanks, your journey will be filled with obstacles. Stainless steel wine tanks enable you to do that.

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    Weight 97.20 kg
    Dimensions 64.00 × 64.00 × 82.00 cm
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    Tank 304 Flat Base with Sump

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