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Stainless Steel Keg with 4 inch Fermenting lid


This stainless steel kegmenter comes with an airlock and a flat plate, but it can also be used under pressure if desired. We suggest purchasing the lid with ball lock posts and pressure relief value if you want to use this Kegmenter under pressure.

These stainless steel vessels are designed to look and function like a commercial beer keg, but with a wide 10cm (4inch) tri-clover opening at the top that allows you to easily clean the keg. This new 29L size is ideal for 20-25L batches, giving you some extra headroom within the Kegmenter.

With the 3600W heating element, this oversized 118 Lt kegmenter can also be used as a distillation boiler. Since it’s a 2inch Tri-Clover feature, it’ll fit right into the port on the Kegmenter’s foundation.
A 4 inch to 2 inch concentric reducer and a 2 inch tri-clover clamp can then be used to connect a reflux still or pot still, allowing large washes to be distilled in a single run to save time.

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Weight 28.00 kg
Dimensions 50.00 × 50.00 × 38.00 cm
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Stainless Steel Keg with 4 inch Fermenting lid

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