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Silicone Bung : Bored & Solid


Pure silicone bungs are available bored to fit an airlock or solid for sealing purposes. These bungs are tapered.

White winery grade silicone is a purer alternative to rubber and, they are ideal for long-term storage of wine in demijohns or barrels. They have a long durable life span.
They are made with food grade silicone and can handle temperatures up to 180C. They also have excellent chemical resistance to a wide range of acid and alkaline cleaners and sanitisers.

We have a wide range of silicone bungs available, either solid or with an 8mm bored hole suitable for an airlock or blow off tube.

Keep in mind that the bigger sizes are designed in a long style with recessed.

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Silicone Bung : Bored & Solid

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