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Salvinox Italian Mincer Plate Unger Style


An Unger style plate is used for Unger cutting systems. They are more complex than any ordinary mincer set up, they’re used in meat grinders with opening diameters up to 440mm. The Unger cutting system usually consists of two knives and three grinder plates, each with different size holes to make the grinds smaller.

Earn up to 170 Points.



These Salvinox kidney mincer plates are sourced directly from Italy and made with care from high quality raw materials. Their stainless-steel range of mincer accessories feature an efficient design and durable stainless steel that does not lose integrity over the years. Salvador is considered the top of the range in stainless-steel mincer products throughout Europe and locally.

Don’t forget to regularly clean and dry your parts with a mild detergent after every use as they can rust and become grimy if left un-checked.

*You must ALWAYS pair the type of metal in regard to plates and knives. If you have all carbon knives, plates and worm pins, and only want to buy an extra plate then it must be carbon also. Carbon plates can wear over time and eventually shed small carbon particles onto your meats. However, if you want to upgrade to stainless steel plates and currently have carbon accessories, then you MUST also buy a stainless-steel knife and worm pin to complete the stainless-steel set. The consequence of having carbon and stainless-steel accessories working together, is that the stainless steel will wear away the carbon and shed particles of the carbon as the pieces turn.

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Salvinox Italian Mincer Plate Unger Style

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