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Protoclar K Esseco


Pure potassium caseinate containing over 90% protein. Manufactured using a special method designed to produce a product meeting the specific requirements of the wine industry. Protoclar dissolves readily in water, without forming lumps and causing minimal foaming.

Application: Prevent and treat oxidation and pinking; reduce bitterness. Protoclar is odorless, tasteless and preservative-free.

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During fermentation: in conjunction with Pluxbenton N or Bentolit Super, Protoclar ensures a faster and more thorough fermentation process and a finer and more delicate aroma. During clarification: for thorough and optimal clearing of must or wine, combine Protoclar with Pluxbenton N. Ensures good chemical and physical wine stability due to partial adsorption of copper and iron in either ionic or ferric- phosphate complexes, and with powerful selective adsorptive action on polyphenols that cause maderization. With Protoclar the organoleptic properties of wine are improved and the bouquet is more delicate, while the original aroma of the grape variety is enhanced. Thanks to these features, Protoclar is particularly suited to the preparation of base wines for sparkling wines.

For remedying premature aging and oxidative characters: Protoclar noticeably reduces maderization and allowing the original aromas of the wine to be recovered. Protoclar operates on oxidized polyphenols and intervenes in the potential oxidative activity of any un-oxidized polyphenols. This characteristic enables its use as a preventative on wines which have a tendency to oxidize easily.


  • 60-100 g/hL for must during clarification
  • 20-40 g/ hL during fermentation
  • 20-60 g/ hL for wine
  • 40-100 g/ hL for remedying oxidized wine


First dilute Protoclar in cold water in a 1:20 solution, stirring continuously to prevent lumps from forming. Allow the solution to rest for a 2-3 hours before use. Then add to the must or wine during a pump over, preferably using a dosing pump or Venturi tube, being careful to have applied the dose directly at least 50% of the wine to be treated.

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Protoclar K Esseco

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