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Italian Woven Cloth Liner Fine for press basket


These high strength pressing/strainer bags have very fine holes. Disposable cotton cheesecloth is the traditional material to use for this purpose, but these mesh bags are much handier and they’re very durable—one bag will last more than a season in normal use. They also speed the pressing process. 

If you press apples or other fruit without a cloth liner like this bag provides, at a relatively low level of pressure the pulp will start to shoot out through the larger gaps or perforations of the pressing basket. Without a bag, when you reach that point, no further pressure can be attainted because fruit will only continue to exit through the basket gaps. The mesh keeps pulp in the basket, allowing you to crank down on the batch with much more pressure and get much more juice from your fruit.

Earn up to 290 Points.



These woven cloth liners for fruit presses are perfect for allowing much higher pressure and greater juice yields, these mesh bags also keep almost all pulp out of your squeezed juice, for a high degree of clarity even without filtering.

These bags are available in mutiple sizes when available from 15cm diameter to 50cm diameter

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Weight 0.20 kg
Dimensions 17.00 × 14.00 × 2.00 cm
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Italian Woven Cloth Liner Fine for press basket

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