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Hand Cheese Grater

Create a sense of personal attention for your guests by having your servers use this hand grater to grate parmesan cheese onto their salad or pasta dish tableside. Tough and sturdy, this stainless steel grater is made to withstand numerous uses and is easily cleaned. It’s tough enough to withstand high-intensity use in a commercial kitchen and resists corrosion.

With the hand-crank handle, you can efficiently apply whatever you wish to whatever dish, or garnish with lemon zest or orange zest! It’s easy to use and comfortable to hold. In addition to table-side use, use this grater back in the kitchen with vegetables, garlic, and chocolate while cooking your amazing culinary creations! Whatever your desire, the single drum will let you grate perfectly every time!

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This manual hand grater is a coarse cutting style.

*This grater comes in 2 different sizes when available* 


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Hand Cheese Grater

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