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Dried Wrap Sheets For Cured Meats


Cured meat making has never been so easy!

This traditional collagen pre-cut sheet is resistant and flexible. Ideal for wrapping cured meats like capocollo, pancetta, prosciutto and others. It is very easy and efficient to use. This is a great type of casing for beginners as it requires no prep work, is easy to handle, is fairly straight forward with its application and can be easily stored without needing to be refrigerated.

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Curing Wraps are used to age raw meat products by encasing your seasoned meat and giving it a protective layer during the drying and curing process. They dry evenly together with the filling. The wrap sheets act as a porous membrane which will allow the moisture to be released from the meat, assisting with the drying process; at the same time aiding in creating a secure barrier that can help to reduce any potential contaminants coming into contact with your raw produce as it hangs and cures.

Manufacturer’s instructions for use

Before wrapping, lay the sheet out flat on a smooth, sterilized surface. Splash a few drops of water evenly around the sheet making it soft and pliable. Then wrap your meat accordingly.

TIP: During the smoking process the maximum temperature should not exceed 40 ° C.


Store in a cool, dry place. Avoid direct sun exposure and extremely humid places. Once the packet is opened, store the casing in a sealed cardboard box.

Keep in mind extra products that you can purchase separately to improve your production process:

  • Netting: Ideal for keeping together your cured meats during the process of drying and curing.
  • Netting tubes: A stable way to hold netting and feed your cured meat.
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Dried Wrap Sheets For Cured Meats

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