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56lt Insulated Mash Tun Drum with Stainless Ball Valve and False Bottom


Adaptor Hex Nipple Male S/S 19mm BSP to Male 25mm BSP – TEM Mori


Ball Lock Post with 1/4 Inch BSP Bulkhead Assembly


Ball valve S/Steel 1/2 inch BSP (12mm) assembly for keg draining- inc nut. (female outlet)


Brass Fitting Valve Reducer Male BSP 19mm (3-4) to Male BSP 12mm


Compression fitting S/Steel 12.7 mm to 0.5 inch BSP male for Cooling coil


Fermzilla transfer silicone pipe 80cm with S/Steel ball float


Fitting adapter s/steel- Female 0.75 BSP to Triclover 2 inch.


Hex Nipple Adaptor 0.75 inch – 19mm Male BSP 0.75 inch 19mm Male BSP 3/4


Hosetail 19mm barb to Male BSM 25mm – 1inch thread


Hosetail S/Steel – 38mm Triclover Ferrule to Barb 25 mm OD 1ïnch


Hosetail S/Steel 316 -38 mm Triclover to Barb 38MM OD


Hosetail S/Steel Barb 50mm (lenght 100mm) welded to Male 50 mm – 2 inch BSM thread. (Delta destemmer adaptor)


Hosetail S/Steel Barb 50mm Welded to Male 63 mm-2.5 inch BSM thread


Hosetail S/Steel Barb Welded to Male 63 mm – 2.5 inch BSM thread


Immersion S/Steel Chiller Coil Twister 14 x 40cm


Kinglock Adapter (K-Lok) Female to Female 5/8 inch BSP


Kinglock Adapter (K-Lok) Male to Tap shank adapter S/Steel


MFL Tap shank adapter


Push-In Duotight automatic beer flow stopper for keg filling -OD 8 mm


Push-In DuoTight Beer Line 8 mm to FFL Thread


Push-In DuoTight Beer Line joiner -8 mm (5/16) x (5/8) Female


Reducing Bush Male r 0.75 to 0.5 Inch Female-Male BSP


S/S Camlock Female Fitting to Hosetail Barb 1/2inch – 12.5mm (Type C-007643) KK


S/S Camlock Male Fitting with 1/2inch- 12.5mm BSP Male Thread (Type-F 7667) KK


S/S Immersion Chiller Tube 12mm x 14mt Lower into Boiler to Chill Wort. 19mm BSP Outlets f/m


S/Steel Adapter 38mm Triclover Ferrule to Female 1.25 inch BSP


S/Steel Keg Liquid Disconnect Connelius ball lock with MLF Thread


Sodastream Adapter Hose with Pressure Gauge


SodaStream Brass Refill Adapter With Bleed Valve (Female to Female)