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SICO Vacuum S700CR Professional Bag Sealer


SICO’s air-tight process of preserving food is done precisely and provides great results. SICO’s vacuum sealer is a sleek, portable and affordable solution to food preservation related problems. This machine from the S-LINE series represents the range of SICO KITCHENWARE® production ideal for the commercial/hospitality sector. With AISI 304 steel housing, chromium-plated trimmings and the triple sealing bar, these vacuum sealers by SICO are an absolutely innovative delight. These machines are designed for continuous and intensive use.

Thanks to the patented magnetic closing system that reduces the intervention of the most demanding operator to the minimum, these SICO sealers are easy to use. 

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Remember not buying meat at the supermarket in spite of the crazy offers just because you were worried about it getting spoiled? Well, worry no more. With SICO’s new vacuum sealers you can now preserve your own gastronomic specialities at the comfort of your home. Prevents spoilage, odour or frost burnings. This model is built for intensive and extended use. There are four standard models available: S350, S460, S550 and S700. 

Here is what sets the S-LINE S700 SICO vacuum sealers apart –

  • Sealing bar: Triple weld 700mm (fit multiple bags at once)
  • Suction: Automatic
  • Automatic or Manual sealing
  • Sealing Indicator: Yes
  • Sealing Time: Adjustable
  • Vacuum Indicator: Professional vacuum gauge
  • Vacuum valve: Adjustable to -0.925 BAR
  • Suction Capacity: 1.35 L/s
  • Opening of the Vacuum chamber: Automatic
  • Steel/Aluminium housing
  • 1200w MAX power

With all these features and a stylish design, this SICO vacuum sealer is a definite fit into every lovely kitchen be it at home or a commercial setup.

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SICO Vacuum S700CR Professional Bag Sealer


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