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Malolactic Bacteria By CHR-HANSEN


Allow your wine to be more stable performing the Malolactic fermentation. This fermentation makes grape variety shinier and flavorsome.

This sachet is for 250 Lt of wine.

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Malolactic fermentation (MLF) in winemaking, is often considered a simple conversion process of malic acid into lactic acid, operated by Oenococcus oeni bacteria. However, malolactic bacteria in malolactic fermentation represent the final opportunity to reduce herbaceous notes, enhance fruit aromas, increase aromatic complexity, and improve the balance and structure of the wine. Even though winemaking bacteria are fundamental for the success of MLF, there are other important factors to consider, such as wine conditions, choice of ML strain, and preparation of the inoculum. Enartis offers a complete portfolio of malolactic bacteria for wine and nutrients for an easy, clean and successful MLF also in very difficult conditions.

Recommended using Osombacti, which is Malolactic Nutrient.

In case of shipping recommended adding a gel pack to keep it cool during transit.

keep or store in the freezer.

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Malolactic Bacteria By CHR-HANSEN


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