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Alembic copper still 50 Lt


This Beautifully crafted 50lt Alembic copper still is perfect for any distillation or making essential oils. This type of still is the most widely used system for the distillation of spirits and oils giving higher yields with exceptional quality.

The still consists of several removable for easy transport, handling and cleaning and enabling better maintenance and quality control over the process.

This still consists of a boiler with a 50-litre capacity, capacitor dome that extends in a cooling tube to the condenser in the form of a copper coil. 

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50-Litre Alembic features:

  • Food-Safe Copper with Brass Handles – Copper Moonshine Stills were originally made to distil and obtain a pure range of whisky, rum, vodka, essential oils etc. at home with absolute satisfaction.

  • Traditional, Hand-Hammered Design – Hammered copper has a stronger surface strength than flat sheets of copper. This is because the small dents in the copper disperse the weight of any object over a wider area.

  • Rapid Cooling Pot – The cooling Pot or the condenser unit is handcrafted out of pure copper in the hammered finish to match the design of the main pot.

  • Detachable Replaceable Thermometer – Fitted to the swan neck head cap the thermometer conveniently rated in both Fahrenheit and Celsius. It easily screws into the head cap and thus is easily detachable and replaceable.

  • Enhance Thermal Conductivity – The Hammered finish enhances the thermal conductivity and ensures even distribution of heat and air, creating a more even distillation.
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Weight 80.00 kg
Dimensions 50.00 × 50.00 × 110.00 cm
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Alembic copper still 50 Lt


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