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Tank 50 lt Conical base 45 Degree clamp top. S/Steel 304 with 2 valve outlets

Perfect for the home brewer wanting to to take their brewing to the next step. This fermenter has be beautifully welded with mirror polished stainless steel.

The fermenter has a lid with silicon seal and can hold up to 1Bar. The fermenter includes 1 1/2inch tri-clover valves and silicon beaded seals throughout making the fermenter easy to sanitise and dissasemble.

The large lid is secured by six clamps and a silicon seal. The large opening makes it easy to access all parts of the fermenter for cleaning and servicing.

This fermenter is also an ideal size for yeast propagation and harvesting your own yeast.

  • Fully pressurisable (1 bar)

  • Silicone seals 

  • Full food grade Stainless steel

  • Fully polished seamless finish 

Approximate dimensions
Height (to top of blow off barb): 900mm
Tank diameter: 400mm
Total diameter: 480mm


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POS Product ID / Style Code 129414
Brand Keg King