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Luxor Slicer 190mm Blade and Sharpner – RGV


This machine takes up minimum space and is ideal to cut cold-cuts, meats, cheeses, and bread. It has been designed to respect safety norms in force and it has the following features:

  • base in aluminium lacquered by paints suitable for contact with foods
  • blade cover, food-tray, bulkhead of slice regulation and fixed ring covering the blade in aluminium with polished anodic oxidation to obtain a product hygienically clean and anticorrosive
  • professional ventilated motor to limit the heating and to make it silent
  • shaft holding the blade mounted on a double ball-bearing which makes the slicer silent
  • tempered ground hard chromium-plated professional blade, to maintain the more possible the cut efficiency
  • removable sharpener with double emery to sharpen and to remove the burr made during sharpening

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  • Blade: 200 mm
  • Dim. packaging: 51x39x35 cm
  • Weight: 10 Kg
  • Run: 210 mm
  • Cutting capacity 170×130 mm
  • Max. thickness of cutting: 15 mm
  • Dim. plate: 190×155 mm
  • Motor power: 110 Watt
  • Dim. support: 360×250 mm
  • Max. dimensions: 390x320x300 mm
  • Sharpener: Amovibile
  • Base: Laccato
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Weight 20.26 kg
Dimensions 50.00 × 40.00 × 35.00 cm
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Luxor Slicer 190mm Blade and Sharpner – RGV

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