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EquipPro Casing Clipping Tool


Finally, we have been able to source a robust and economical bench clipping tool. A simple redesign of the original European pneumatic clipping machines widely used by large commercial salami producers, just without the $10,000+ price tag!

Yet still applies a non-slip flat staple clip without some of the cutting of the casing issues noticed with some of the cheaper hand tools using a more circular clip ( Hog-ring pliers).

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Utilizing a similar professional “U-Shaped ” clip that arrives on a joined magazine of -50 clips which slides down the feeding clip line, ready for each staple to be wrapped tightly around the twisted collagen casing. To reduce costs, a preferred -yet simple Aluminium clip is being folded, instead of the more solid and food grade s/steel clip used in the meat industry.

For the DIY salami maker, this is a reasonable compromise to use the cheaper clip option. This said, it’s still a great seal from preventing the meat from leaking out. Given this is an external applied clip its not in contact with the salted meat at all. Plus, the non-corrosion nature of aluminium compared to Galvanised clip options makes it a better choice. In any case, the clip is removed after the 3-8 week curing time and is discarded before sealing in your vac bags. 

NOTE: The mere avoidance of having twine burn marks on your raw fingers after a long session of tying up your salami will seem like a priceless investment for many years to come!

Demo units are often available instore to trial and test before you buy. This said many have sold in past years and no returns! (The clip size 07 we have does work best on most medium size casing 40-80mm diameter. Essentially should work on most casing, but needs to be long enough to wrap over the 4-8mm thick casing twist joint! (Most common parts, springs and extra clips are held in stock)

– Another great solution by – EquipPro food processing equipment

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Weight 17.65 kg
Dimensions 42.00 × 66.00 × 22.00 cm
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EquipPro Casing Clipping Tool


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