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Gas Burners and Pots

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  • Copper pot with electric stirrer

    Cooking Pot Copper Automatic Polenta Maker


    Out of stock

  • Comes with a lid

    Stock Pot Aluminium


  • Comes with a lid

    Casserole Pot Aluminium


  • Comes with s/steel lid

    Stock Pot Stainless Steel



  • Made in Italy

    OMAC Drago BBQ Orange Gas Burner 1 Ring

  • Easy to use and clean

    Gas Burner 1 Ring Small Cast for LPG with Frame


    Out of stock

  • Sturdy gas burner by OMAC

    BBQ Gas Burner 1 Ring Jet - No Frame Black - Model DRAGO OMAC (outlet 1/4inch)


  • One Ring Burner

    Gas Burner Ring Only


  • Great for food processing

    OMAC Drago BBQ S/Steel Gas Burner 1 Ring


9 Item(s)

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