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Food Crates and Containers

Food grade crates and containers suitible for a range of uses including salami and tomato sauce making.

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  • Food grade plastic

    Square Crate Plastic White (Small)



  • Oval tub with handle

    Crate Oval Plastic White


    Out of stock

  • With spout mouth

    White Food Grade Bucket 18 L with handle



  • With handles

    Crate / tub Round with no lid


    Out of stock

  • For both solid and perforated crates

    Lid for Stackable Food Crate


    Out of stock

  • Maximum weight = 250 Kg

    Trolley for Food Handling System



  • Sturdy pail for general purpose

    Olive curing plastic 20 Lt pail bucket with inner grate


    Out of stock

  • Grey Handle

    Clear Crate with Lid for Food Handling



  • Available in three sizes

    Storage Crate Rectangle White Plastic (Blue Handle)



  • Light weight crate

    Pizza dough stackable crate (White)



  • Perforated Walls

    Food Crate with Perforated Wall and Solid Base



  • High grade plastic

    Food Crate with Solid Wall and Base



12 Item(s)

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