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Morgans Premium Dockside Stout

Full Bodied with a rich roast flavour and satisfying residual bitterness.

  • 1.7kg Brew Extract Kit 

  • Includes 7g yeast sachet under the lid

  • Makes 23 litres

  • Australian Made

Rich roast flavour


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Morgan's classic products are born from the traditional skills of the master maltster where careful roasting and kilning nurture the release of nature's full flavours and aromas. Morgan's brewing company uses only the highest quality two row barley and premium grade hops to produce this range of beer kits. Their unique kettling guarantees the superb final clarity of this truly superior brew.

How To Brew?

Suitable for one or two stage fermentation.

  1. Mixing: Pour 2 litres of hot water into sanitised fermenter, add contents of can and 1kg (2.25lbs) of another fermentable eg dextrose, malt or Morgan’s Master Blends. Stir contents to dissolve, add cold water to bring the total contents up to 23 litres. When temperature is between 22-30 degrees C (71-86 deg F) add yeast and stir actively for 30 seconds. Morgan’s kits need no boiling due to our unique kittling during manufacture.
  2. Fermenting: Seal fermenter with lid and air lock, allow to ferment at a constant temperature between 22 – 30 deg C until specific gravity reaches 1005 or below. Complete fermentation will take 5 days at 25 deg C (77 deg F) but will take longer in lower temperatures. Warning: Using a beer hydrometer, be sure fermentation is finished (SG 1005 or below) before bottling, adding only the correct amount of sugar to each bottle, otherwise overgassed bottles could explode.
  3. Bottling: Sterlize bottles, add 6g (0.212oz) of sugar to each 750 ml bottle, 3g (0.106oz) for every 375ml then fill with brew to the normal level and cap.
  4. Maturing: Allow bottles to stand at a temperature of 22-30 deg C for 5 days to allow beer to carbonate. Allow another 10 days at room temperature to fully mature. The finished beer will continue to improve with further ageing.
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Brand Morgans Brewing

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