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Morgans Premium Cortes Cerveza 1.7kg

A pale Mexican-style lager with a light lime flavour. To brew to full strength, you'll need 1kg of your favourite brewing sugar blend. Makes 23 Litres.

3.9 EBC*. Includes 7 gram yeast sachet under the lid.


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How To Brew?

Suitable for one or two stage fermentation.

1.Mixing: Pour 2 litres of hot water into sanitised fermenter, add contents of can and 1kg (2.25lbs) of another fermentable eg dextrose, malt . Stir contents to dissolve, add cold water to bring the total contents up to 23 litres. When temperature is between 22-30 degrees C (71-86 deg F) add yeast and stir actively for 30 seconds. Morgan’s kits need no boiling due to our unique kittling during manufacture.
2.Fermenting: Seal fermenter with lid and air lock, allow to ferment at a constant temperature between 22 – 30 deg C until specific gravity reaches 1005 or below. Complete fermentation will take 5 days at 25 deg C (77 deg F) but will take longer in lower temperatures. Warning: Using a beer hydrometer, be sure fermentation is finished (SG 1005 or below) before bottling, adding only the correct amount of sugar to each bottle, otherwise overgassed bottles could explode.
3.Bottling: Sterlize bottles, add 6g (0.212oz) of sugar to each 750 ml bottle, 3g (0.106oz) for every 375ml then fill with brew to the normal level and cap.
4.Maturing: Allow bottles to stand at a temperature of 22-30 deg C for 5 days to allow beer to carbonate. Allow another 10 days at room temperature to fully mature. The finished beer will continue to improve with further ageing.

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Brand Morgans

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