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Meat Cure Salt #2 4-6% Nitrites

Curing salts containing a mixture of Nitrites and Nitrates are essential for the healthy long-term slow processing of air-dried meats. This treatment is the same as Insta cure #2 or Prague powder #2. This salami cure was created with salami in mind.

This cure #2 is made up of 6 percent sodium nitrite, 4 percent sodium nitrate, and 90% standard salt. The colour is pink for safety reasons.


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Since the Nitrites protect the meat in its early stages and the Nitrates break down into Nitrites over time, a remedy that contains both Nitrates and Nitrites is only appropriate for air dried salamis and air cured meats.


Using 2g of dry cure per kg of meat. Cooking salt should not be substituted. Do not consume immediately.


WARNING: This product contains nitrite. Substituting table salt for cooking salt can be dangerous, particularly for young children.

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Brand Made In Australia