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Meat Cure Salt #1 - 6.25% Nitrites

Do you want to learn how to make bacon? Be sure to give Meat Cure #1 a try.

The industry standard cure used in the manufacture of bacon, ham, and corned beef is Meat Cure #1 – 6.25 percent. It's also known as prague powder, pink salt, and instacure #1, and it's commonly used as a standard curing salt in a variety of other recipes.

Curing salts are precisely matched with the right mix of ingredients, allowing you to safely process your meats at home.
This cure #1 has a Sodium Nitrite content of 6.25 percent and a normal salt content of 93.75 percent. For reasons of protection, it has been dyed pink.


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Using 2g of dry cure per kg of meat. Cooking salt should not be substituted. Do not consume immediately.


WARNING: This product contains nitrite. Substituting table salt for cooking salt can be dangerous, particularly for young children.

POS Product ID / Style Code MEATCURE1
Brand Made In Australia