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Maple Ham Brine Cure 1kg

With this Maple Ham brine Cure you can easily make your own mouth-watering ham at home. This pouch comes with complete instructions on how to use. This 1kg pack makes up to 8L of brine.

Simply soak the ham in brine for 5-10 days depending on its size. Soak in fresh water for 1 hour or more before cooking to reduce an over salty cooked flavour. Then smoke or cook it in your oven until you reach the required internal temp of 65°C or over.

Containts: Sodium nitrite (0.85%) 

Ham Cure 1 kg


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The Maple Sugar flavour adds a lightly sweet, mellow touch to your Ham and is so easy to use. If you are cooking a large ham with a bone we recommend injecting the brine as deeply as possible (inject 25% of the dry weight of the ham).

130g of cure per litre of water.

Easy to use:

  • Mix 130g of Misty Gully Maple Ham Cure with 1 litre of water to make the brine. 
  • Make enough brine to submerge your ham in it's container. 
  • Use an injector to inject 25% of the meat's weight with brine. 
  • Soak for 4-10 days depending on the size of the meat. 
  • After removing from the fridge, soak your meat for an hour or more to remove any excess cure and salt. 
  • Then smoke in your smoker or cook it in your oven until you reach an internal temp of 65-68c.
  • Allow to cool, slice, and enjoy! It's simple, fun and delicious! 

Contains nitrites.

POS Product ID / Style Code 132208
Brand Misty Gully

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