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Knife - for Cubo Box with Blade 25cm - Paolucci

This Italian made knife is ideal in the kitchen in combination with our "Cubo box" to make great skewers, thanks to the fine and strong blade and the very sharp end. The flexibility of the blade makes it perfect to carve and slice your delicious prosciutto as well. 
The very sharp satin finished blade is made of high quality heat-treated stainless steel.
The polypropylene and rubber handle is non slip and ergonomic, to ensure a safe, easy and pleasant prolonged use.
This knife is dishwasher safe.
Blade: L 260 mm x T 1.8 mm 



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Made in Italy by Family Inox and Coltellerie Paolucci.
For a longer life we recommend to dry  the knife accurately with a soft cotton cloth after washing.

POS Product ID / Style Code 128895
Brand Made in Italy

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