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Garhe Nickel Plated Manual Mincer

The Italian made Garhe Manual Mincer features a simple and solid design made out of quality cast iron which makes the grinder strong and reliable for many years of use. A practical, easy to use holder secures the machine to the work surface so it is held firmly in place during even the most rigorous use. This compact unit is a great option for those wanting to mince smaller quantities of meats and fruits at home.

The carbon mincer plates can be upgraded to stainless steel plates; however, these are sold separately. Sausage filling accessories and plungers are also sold separately.


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Why Choose A Garhe Mincer?
The cast iron pin and ergonomic design has been made to suit the European market which currently allows for higher quality European made materials and accessories including our Salvador inox range of Stainless Steel blades and plates which provide for better mincing results and hold a cutting edge for longer. These are to replace the carbon plates that the machine comes with. While suitable, they will require more maintenance and frequent cleaning and sharpening for continued optimal results.

What Can I Use This Mincer For?
There are 5 Stainless Steel Plate Sizes that are available for each meat grinder with different hole diameters to fit all of your grinding needs. Common uses for the various perforated plates include but are not limited to;

  • 4.5mm - Hamburgers, bologna, hot dogs and jerky
  • 6mm - Coarse hamburgers and regular sausages
  • 8mm - Coarse sausages
  • 10mm - Any first grind, chile, chorizo, linguisa
  • 14mm - Any first grind, coarse chili or stew

How Do I Use This Mincer:
1. Cut meat into small pieces.
2. Place cut meat into funnel and rotate the crank. The screw feeder, rotating about its axis, will push the meat towards the exit where it will be fed through the holes in the plate.
3. Catch the ground meat in a bowl or plate.
4. After usage wash all parts of the machine with water and mild detergent and dry thoroughly.

POS Product ID / Style Code GARHE_MMINCER
Brand Made in EU

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