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Copper reflux condensor ,( alcoengine / Keggomax) for boiler

Code: 128982

The Kegomax FM Reflux Still is an all new reflux still design that is made from borosilicate laboratory grade glass, stainless steel and copper.
The still is able to produce extremely high grade essential oils or neutral ethanol and is easy to operate.

The still can be easily attached to a 50L keg using the tri-clover clamp and the keg fitted with a 2200W heating element.

The Keggomax FM reflux still includes:

  • Digital thermometer

  • Copper Condenser

  • Stainless universal coupling to connect to Turbo Boiler or the top of a commercial 50L keg.

  • 13mm Barbs to attach regular garden hose to the copper condenser. 

Please note that if you intend on using this in Australia you can only use this for distillation of water, essential oils and other products that are not alcohol related. If you plan on distilling alcohol you will require a license in order to do this.

Note: does not include boiler.



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POS Product ID / Style Code 128982
Brand Made In P.R.C