No matter what day of the week it is or what the approaching season will bring: our creative artisans minds regularly turn to beer making and all of its delicious possibilities of what next we can create !.

Beer making is the right balance of science and cooking and that is why we love it almost more than just beer buying.

A lot of people, unfortunately, are still scared that it might be too much of an effort and time consuming, so they often choose to take the more expensive shortcut to get a nice pint!

When really it only takes a few hours with the right equipment, some creativity and a little patience until the bottle has some fizz! ( Natural yeast carbonation)

There are a lot of beginner homebrew kits on the market, but we reckon that the Morgan’s Starter kit is the best value for money at the moment: As it contains everything, including bottles! ** Plus, this month they also offering the brewers passport which has $30 of free instore promotional vouchers

If you are just an amateur at the very beginning of your brewing experience, the obvious place to start is with “tins”. They are pre-hopped liquid malt extracts that come with yeast. They are very simple to make at home and a great starting point for anyone wanting to dive into the world of malt and fermentation.

A couple of weeks ago we had a dinner at a German restaurant that was serving some awesome house brews using their full-grain nano brewery.

Obviously, this late night drinking session of all things German, was the inspiration for our next weekend home-Craft brew recipe. Alas, with our artisans ingredients purchased and fermenter sterilized, we would soon be knocking steins and beer mugs with our own quick to make European Lager!

You will need:
  • 1 can Morgan's Blue Mountain Lager OR Cooper’s European Lager
  • 1kg Light Malt Mix or Morgan’s Liquid Brew Enhancer Tin
  • 12g Hersbruker Hop Pellets (boiling/mix phase )
  • 1 Pkt Premium Yeast (US-05, Nottingham, S-04, Morgan’s European Lager)
  • (Optional- but always better !)
  • 12g Hallertau Hop Pellets (Added as dry hop method on day 4-6 of ferment)
  • Follow your usual cleaning and sanitizing procedures.
  • Bring 2-4 litres of water to a gentle boil and steep hops for 10 minutes. You are essentially brewing a hop tea.
  • Combine the hop tea, Morgan’s Blue Mountain Lager tin and the Light Malt/Brew Enhancer in your fermenter.
  • Top up fermenter to 23 litres.
  • With a sterile large spoon or whisk, vigorously stir the beer until the top foams.
  • Ensuring the temperature is less than 28 degrees; sprinkle the yeast satchel over the beer. Fermentation will start soon and you will notice air bubbles in the airlock.
  • Measure specific gravity with your hydrometer regularly, to ensure fermentation is constant until all sugar is gone.
  • Towards the lasts days of ferment ( or even bottling day ) add the optional 12-25g of hops in the provided strain bag which will give the beer a more aromatic hop finish with less bitterness.
  • When fermentation has finished, bottle the beer adding some priming sugar (or carbonation drops) accordingly and let the bottle rest for 5-6 weeks at least in a dry, dark and warm place.(16-22*C)
  • Occasionally, give the plastic bottle a squeeze and if well firm……well time to refrigerate to 4C and crack a few open with friends to enjoy the spoils of the home brewer legend, that is YOU !.
Wanting more of a challenge?

If looking to make a beer from just raw ingredients, ie malted grains and hops then we also have you covered with a full set of options from mini mashing systems (Grainfather)to simple components to create your own simple system. ( Shop here or see us in store for more help or join one of upcoming brew workshops) see-www.weteachme/artisansbottega

  • The serious brewer would never say no if someone was to gift them a brand new flash conical fermenter with multiple valve ports, temperature control and all the modern accessories. These will allow you to flush out all the nasty yeast sediment, to allow your brew to barrel condition and bottle cleaner beers.
  • Want great craft pub quality beer, but no time to mash your own grains?
  • Call it LAZY or SUPER SMART, Our solution – FRESH WORT KITS ARE HERE! We have every month new recipes of already made brew wort in taking away 15L carboys! What’s this you ask? We have done the hard work of 3hr grain boil for you. Just add 5lt of fresh warm water to gain a 1045-1055 specific gravity, pitch your yeast and hops and get going. Beer done in no time.
  • Another super brewing tip ! it is nice to have the bottling beer experience, But once you go “kegging” you never go back! Save hours bottling long necks, and get your self a simple or stunning keg fridge and beer ready carbonated in 24 hrs. You will be the party host with most! Fresh beer on tap.( plus, you can add a spare keg for sparkling wine, cider or water )