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25 lt S/Steel boiler by Mangrove Jacks

The 25 lt Mangrove Jack's Beer Boiler is ideal for Brew In a Bag or as a boiler depending on your requirement. Packed with features, this boiled can hold up to 30 litres, has a 2000 watt element and integrated waste tap. Only high quality industrial quality stainless steel has been used while manufacturing this 25 lt boiler. It fits the Turbo 500 condenser perfectly. Also, it fits the Alembic copper dome and copper pot and re-flux condenser.

NO waiting around & NO constant adjustments. 

Ideal for Brew In a Bag or as a boiler


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Making commercial quality spirits at home is now easy and inexpensive with

  • NO waiting around
  • NO constant adjustments
  • Just Fill Up and GO
Superior copper construction provides a smoother taste by removing strong smelling sulphides.
POS Product ID / Style Code 130375
Brand Mangrove Jacks

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